Teksty: Melinda Schneider. Tv Or Me.

Baby get up off that sofa
Well at least move over
I wanna get a little bit closer to you
How do you think I feel
You're in love with Alley Mcbeal
And I'm not gonna share you anymore
'Cause there's something's stealing your attention
And now it's time for intervention
Baby it's the TV or me oooh
I'm fed up I've had enough
Gonna padlock that idiot box
Tell me whats it gonna be
Baby it's the TV or me
Oh no not the footy show
Funniest home video's
We should be making memories of our own
But you'd rather have your football
Than spend a day with me all
Wrapped up in love in each other's arms
And you're always on remote control
And this habits really getting old
Don't you think it's time
We turned down the sound
And turn your heart up loud
Baby can you here me
I need to have you near me
Baby it's the TV or me