Teksty: Melinda Schneider. Simple To Say.

Never thought I'd be at a loss for words
I'm quick when it comes to being clever
I rack my mind trying to find something new to say
But it never came together
I was reaching too high Had my head in the clouds
Till the words in my heart finally hit my mouth
I love you
That's all I know to say about the way I'm feeling baby
I love you
Now it may sound simple and a little bit overused
But with you it's simple to say simple to do
Well love ain't such a mystery
When it's meant to be automatically you know it
And some people jump the gun dive in from day one
Take the plunge and blow it
Oh but that wont happen to you and I
You can count on that and I'll tell you why
I pulled every book down off the shelf
Looking for the words to express myself
All along they were here written on your kiss
And it comes right down to this