Teksty: Melinda Schneider. Look Me Up.

One of these days she's gonna go too far
Push you right over the edge
Leave you sitting solo on a Saturday night
Wondering where she went
Ooh Ooh Ooh I've been rubbing my hands
Waiting on my lucky break
Knowing in my heart it's just a matter of time
Before she makes her last mistake
She'll leave you crying, but that's ok
I'll be ready whenever you say
Look me up when she lets you down
Like a bumble bee buzzing around
In your arms faster than the speed of sound
Look me up I'll be over when she lets you down
I pity any fool who tries to get in my way
When my turn comes around
Ninety miles an hour through the rat race
Nothing gonna slow me down
One track minded that's what I am
You'll find my number under "I'm your woman"
You know that you should be with me
How long you gonna let her run around, run around
Look me up, I'll be over when she lets you down
I've been longing to be your darlin'