Teksty: Melinda Schneider. My Oxygen. Smack Dab.

The Prime Minister called said "I need your help,
The sky is falling and the earth is gonna melt"
I said "It sounds like you're in pretty bad shape,
I'll be there tomorrow if it ain't too late"
'Cause I'm Smack dab in the middle of love
Up to my ears in kisses and hugs

I'm busy with my baby yeah covered up
Smack dab in the middle of love
Smack dab smack dab smack dab
Smack dab in the middle of love
A flying saucer landed at my house
A little green man came walking out
He looked at me and said "you're coming with us"
I said "I hope you boys ain't in no rush"

Got all six numbers in the lottery
Forty seven million all won by me
When they called me up to claim my dough
I said "I can't come now
'cause don't you know I'm"