Teksty: Melinda Schneider. My Oxygen. Love Away The Night.

You're always in the fridge or on the phone
How the hell would you know, you're never home
I go to work to keep this family fed
Good try pal, you won't even get out of bed

I can't believe you spent that much on shoes
Look, I got 'em on sale and you'll never know the money I save you
I s'pose you bought a bag, a dress, and a hat
Well you've got your race car, wanna talk about that

You look so darn cute when you get mad
Melt away my troubled heart and you don't seem so bad
When I see that twinkle in your eye
Take the phone off the hook and put the kids to bed
Forget what we said and Love away the night.

You're always on the couch watching football
Bring me a beer and keep it down will ya,I don't wanna miss the score
Just like you missed our anniversary
Well I'm sorry babe, you should've reminded me.

You drive me insane
Babe don't ever change
I like you that way