Teksty: Martha Redbone. Vineyard.

M. Redbone/ A. Whitby

stayed in bed
i'm not a sleepyhead
i've been accused of dreaming in neverland
what you don't know
i guess you'll never know
that i'm frustrated living from mouth to hand

it's nothing personal
but it can't hurt to know
your circles and the ways that you meet
i'm kind of ordinary
you think you're so so fly?
how can i help you, let you see me?

i wanna place at the vineyard
i wanna place where the grapes are sweet
i wanna be where you are
pretty soon you'll be saying that
you live next door to me

my broken heart?
no babe, i'm not hard

you see, i'm used to work but i'm underpaid
but bide my time or do the power climb
i want to live where i can play everyday

it's nothing personal
so what i'm poor and fertile
still deserve to live on the land
don't need a reservation
i'm parking my own car
beside the river view on the pier


how long am i waiting for this?
so long mr. neighbor- kiss-kiss
hello to the future in heavenly bliss

repeat chorus

Martha Redbone